A partnership between St Johns church in Dumfries has made all sorts of projects possible. Working with christians in Dumfries, local schools and the community at large we have taken the mix of art and heritage that Simon Lidwell is skilled in and have used it to help people Sense Spirituality in their everyday life.

You can preview the new Quartz site through the window below - or visit it HERE Scroll down for some archived info from when the Quartz online activity was hosted on this website - or find the Facebook page


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This index is an archive of projects and images recording some glimpses of what the partnership has accomplished.

Welcome to the Quartz Archival Index.

A theme of practicing SensingSpirituality runs throughout all Wordsmithcrafts activities. Learn more about this by clicking here.

The inside of St Johns and a screenshot of its webpage
Sunday services and more at the St Johns Website
2nd Sundays Creative Worship

What is Quartz?

Quartz is an arts experiment, a network of people, meetings in coffee shops and on the street, and a history of events both Online and off-line. You can find out more about what is currently happening through this website. Thanks to the dedicated work of the former editors of St Johns Magazine you can find out what Quartz has been HERE. This page is a selection of 11 articles on the theme of "Interweave and Outerweave" from between December 2013 and June 2018. These articles help describe the public face of Quartz, pioneered by Simon Lidwell at St John's, and are a great introduction to Simon's ministry in the Quartz project, which is a partnership between St John's, Dumfries and Wordsmithcrafts.

Examples of Quartz events and news about the next one can be found on our facebook page (this window is a preview)

2nd Sundays Creative Worship

This St Johns 2nd Sunday Creative Worship Event page was made for the 2nd Sunday in September. The theme is "Mercy" Covid is spreading again, so we canceled a physical meet-up.

This St Johns 2nd Sunday Creative Worship Event page was made for the 2nd Sunday in August. The theme for this one is "Faith". With the containment of Covid-19 we will have a limited meet-up (Max groups of 15 people from a max of 4 households)

This St Johns 2nd Sunday Creative Worship Event page was made for the 2nd Sunday in July. It is a page to help you think about "Gut Instincts" from a Christian perspective

This St Johns Creative Worship Event page was made for the 2nd Sunday in June. The theme of exploring the boundaries, liminality, will continue until the 2nd 3unday in July.

We are based in Dumfries, but the Internet means we can welcome people worldwide. If you find something on the page helpful, please let us know!

Quartz Activities include:

(Creative Worship events )

Roughly four times a year we run a special event called "Interweave". During Lockdown we have run one of these which features a specially designed webpage, Online video chat, and also linked into an environment day help at the Crichton campus in Dumfries. So, While you are visiting please look at the resources on the Pentecost 3unday "Interweave /nline" page too!

And perhaps visit our Virtual Stall at the Environment fair! QuartzEnvFair2020.html

What we experience at interweave helps us develop Outerweaves, and we design Interweaves based on our Outerweave experiences.

(Community Learning events)

Where we go and explore what is happening in the community, and aim to learn from other people and traditions "looking for God in friend and stranger" or offer the chance for people to participate in activities which we have found helpful in our own spiritual development.

This started when participants in the McNab project in 2014 developed some of these ideas, including several days on the prom at Largs where we built a labyrinth near the Viking village.

Quartz - Outerweave

And "Time for Reflection" (Chaplaincy services to Schools in Dumfries)

Helping the local school meet the requirements of Curriculum for Excellence by providing training opportunities, contributions to assemblies and RME classes building networks - and of course high quality artwork!

More info about this here: Government policy


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