The McNab Summer Project

The project had three objectives;

This page contains links to edited highlights from the logs which participants kept of their activities.

Each participant also kept records of the time, materials and other resources required to develop their artwork. This formed a basis for them to work out how much they would have sell- and what sort of things to choose to make - in order to guarantee themselves a reasonable income and test the financial viability of running a creative business.

Nathan Robinson Smoking Hearth

Nathan works with Metal, blacksmithing sculptural art and making replica ironwork. He also participated in the Blairgowrie History Fair and Summer workshops at Dumfries Museum View the highlights of the Nathan Robinson video log here


Sam Mc NeillSam with his pots

Sam decided to work with ceramics, he also used his background as a volunteer re-enactor to help develop the Largs Labyrinth experience. He kept a blog diary which you can look at here. Remember to scroll down so that you can see the dustbin firing experiment!

Jamie PattersonA viking seachest and it's woodsmith

Jamie became involved at the end of 2014 and has continued the project activities into 2015. Jamie worked mainly in wood. His involvement in community arts has included working in Schools with textiles as well as helping the pupils understand the life of a woodsmith. View excerpts from his V-log here!

Simon Lidwell

A wordsmithcrafts illumination on the theme of #SensingMeaningfulness

Simon came up with the idea for the project and kept a blog too. This page also has an insight into the preparation for the project, and a report written at the end of the year.

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