The Wordsmithcrafts Workshop

The workshop is the physical hub of Wordsmithcrafts. It is a base of operations and a community resource.

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Ongoing Activities.

Craft Workshop sessions

Learn how to make something!

Blacksmithing introduction, a silver ring, Trichinopoly or buy a workshop as a gift for someone. Get in touch for more details. General terms and cost are here

Occasionally the workshop will be opened for groups of people to travel down and try some things out. These are called "White Hot" events.

Past White Hot events can be browsed here.

A guide to current prices for D.I.Y. projects is HERE


Either at events in the workshop, around a campfire, or online - Telling stories has always been a part of wordsmithcrafts activity. You can find our youtube channel by looking here


Cluaran - Historical Interpretation Project The Cluaran boat on show

A boat project to explore the links between Scotland and Norway. Volunteers, supported by professional artists and historical interpreters, use Ness Yole to help primary school pupils encounter the shared boat building traditions of Scotland and Norway. We also take the boat to youth and community events.



Clarice Milligan

Simon Lidwell



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