Simon Lidwell, the artist

As well as managing this website, I also do a variety of activities best described as art...

For a quick overview (as of March 2020) have a look here:

I'm a member of Dumfries Artists Trail - Explore the art world of the town!

and of course, the blacksmithing, leatherwork and digital illuminations featured on this website, and the website itself is part of my art.

My ethos

I have a Patreon page where you can follow my work, and get access to behing the scenes activity too!. Become a Patron!

In 2016 I tried a new experiment in storytelling. As part of the "Vikings" Festival of Museums event at Dumfries Museum turned the town of Dumfries into a map of the viking world (Including the British Isles). This page might give you a flavour of what we achieved, but obviously it is not "live" any more.

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