The Summer Wandering Game (Dumfries)

This day has been made possible through Festival of Museums Funding. FOM16

As a community group (The Vikings) there are two main ways for us to win word fame on Saturday:

Of course you are all volunteers, so the day should be enjoyable for you too!

There will be a chance to fight, feast (a bit), and if you find yourself outside a museum, with no team to look, after remember that at least you are not stuck in a field miles from the general public complaining that the sponser didn't advertise the event properly. The settlements are on the high street and in parks so we are going to the general public. Also, there will always be reinforcements on the way, Sometimes bringing food.

If you have a chance to prepare before the day:

Download the guide to how to play the game

(copies will be given out at the museum, the team is responsible for playing - you are just there to help).

Map of the trading Game

Download the map for the day

You can help the teams get into the feel for the location they are based in. As a Viking though, you are one of the warrior class who travel the world and have a wider perspective on life. (Unless someone gives you enough silver to take a local interest at the battle at the end of time...)

Background info and fun stuff that might be of longer term interest:

Name resource here

DIY Viking Identity here

Rough Area summaries here

In an emergency the central contact point is the Dumfries Museum. We will have a first aid kit there, and marshals ... and a warband.

Address: The Observatory, Rotchell Rd, Dumfries DG2 7SW
Phone: 01387 253374


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