Historical Interpretation

More than Re-enacting, or even Living History, Wordsmithcrafts is about Interpreting History. Each event we participate in is a harmony of arts, crafts, performance and research. It is crafted with the intention of immersing participants in their heritage, and becoming as actively involved as possible. Care is also take to help participants relate their experience to their everyday life, and give them opportunities to reflect and respond. We aim to provide information, and display working techniques - but also to actively involve the public.

Want to get an idea of costs? check out my terms.

Making a Pilgrim Badge at Dumfries Museum summer workshopTemporary smith set up in LargsCathbad hammering out a spearhead

Heritage Black Smithing displays

Have forge, will travel!

Our display will involve living accommodation (which I live in during the event) and a forge including portable hearth that I can set up and work on during the day.

We can tailor the display to fit into events from the time Constantine marched East to re-unite the Roman Empire to the Renaissance and the wild Reaver swept landscape of the border regions of England and Scotland.

Several hands on metalworking activities can be provided so that the public can have a go (either free at point of access, in return for a donation or trading in hard currency)

Please contact me to book, or for further details.

The cost for a weekend could be as low as £350 for a smith, apprentice and plenty of inspired members of the public!

Insular Monasticism

More commonly known as Celtic Monks! This setup can provide working examples of crafts found in early medieval monasteries like Whithorn, Iona, Kells and Lindisfarne. Continuing the tradition of combining personal retreat with full involvement in the community as a center of Wisdom, Arts, and healing - Prayer, book production, calligraphy and knotwork patterns are threaded together with the pattern of daily life. This can either be provided in an authentic Living History setting, or as a general health and well being activity where participants are encouraged to reflect on the presence of spirituality in the human experience throughout time. We endeavor to make all activities positive and inclusive, so that everyone can participate without compromising their integrity and beliefs - and actively hands on for all ages!

Working on lindisfarne#SensingMeaningfulness while working on LindisfarneLaying down a path to followThree different centuries woven into one work of artlearning to put your finger on otherwise elusive spirituality


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