D.I.Y costs

The price for a structured solo workshop session is £50 (plus materials costs) a session is typically a morning, afternoon or evening.
If you have a small group you can share the cost of a session, depending on the complexity of what you want to do!

The Prices below are for a general “drop in” craft situation. They assume I am working on my own work and give you guidance and a helping hand, rather than a structured teaching session. They include the cost of the materials and a bit of instruction and help when you ask for it.


Knife sheath £10 (With Copper decoration £30)
Seax sheath £30
Sword Sheath £40
Scabbard £55
Pouch £25
Belt £20 (includes simple strap end and buckle)

Armour for Gloves (please supply your own basic gloves)
Simple plate £35, articulated plates £45, Lamellar £55
Vambraces £20
Thumbs £10(including attachment)
Currins £20
Basic turnshoes £65
Luxury turnshoes £80

Blacksmithing (A guide to costs)

Time on the forge (own materials) £ 8 an hour

tanged knife, arrowhead, chisel, javelin etc.
5 mild steel punches (ring+ dot, triangle, triangle with 3dots, triangle single dot, square 4 dots)

Toasting fork
Simple hinges
Socketed arrowhead, chisel, javelin
Simple Axe head
5 tool steel punches (ring+ dot, triangle, triangle with 3dots, triangle single dot, square 4 dots)

Fancy Hinges
Steel knife
Fire steel
nail header
Socketed spearhead

Seax, axe

Non ferrous
Pewter Buckle, strap end etc £10
Silver finger/arm Ring £20 + weight of silver used

Spoon, trich draw plate, £5
Small chest £10
Sea chest £25
Skirmish shield £10 (boss +£20)
Lensed or kite or Large shield £15 (boss +£20

(These prices are a guide, exact costs to be agreed before the start of a project as it often depends ont he supply costs of materials)

Knife sheath £5
Seax sheath £10
Pouch £15
Belt £1/2" 5 3/4" £6 over 110cm £8
Thong £2 per metre
Rawhide £5 per metre

top quality pre cut £ 18 a strip

Linen £10 per meter
Wool £15 per meter

Or on enquiry as available

Pewter 12p per gram (barter value 6p/g)
Silver £needs to be worked out on day!

general guide to using space (not including the forge) in the workshop £130 a week £27 a day £10 a session.


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