Nathan Robinson

Nathan Studies nautical engineering at Strathclyde. When he was introduced to Wordsmithcrafts he mentioned his fascination about smithing. Simon mentioned that it was possible to make a forge with a hairdryer and a garden BBQ. A wee while later Nathan returned having built a hearth for forging, burned out a hairdryer and made a viking padlock. Later he used the workshop facilities to sculpt a meter high dragon for his sixth year art project

The McNabb project contributed to Nathans ongoing progress in developing his artistic skills, to help him explore the business context for art and also to become more confident in his communication skills.

Nathan chose to record his participation in the project by keeping a V-log and through several interviews. Watch the whole playlist on youtube here

Finding Inspiration

Initial Sketches

The Sculpture

Day to day working

Developing as an artist

Community arts

Spiritual Development


Since the project Nathan has continued to practice his art and in the summer of 2015 was shortlisted in an international art competition (IN:SIGHT 2015) - more details in these newspaper cuttings from The Dumfries Standard and Courior

Nathan Robinson In the NewspapersMore press coverage for Nathans backsmithing

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