Gut Instinct

Chat Window

This window will hold a video chat discussion. Please log on at 7pm UK time.

The pass-code is 12720


Craft Activity

Winds for change - 1k wishes, Build back better.

Make a crane while you think or read, meditate on the change and keep your fingers busy!

More about this is available on the Quartz facebook page, or by following this link

1000 wishes

A man made J├Âtten who could eat the world lies sleeping in the hills about 30 miles north of Glasgow.


Some decisions take a lot of thought. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling and deal with the consequences.

This activity combines both types of thinking. you will need two sheets of paper, and something to write with. Scissors and a clean plate will be handy.


Keep in Touch!

This page has been set up to provide an Online place for us to meet.

It is accessible Online, so you should be able to use it wherever you are, and whenever you are able. My hope is that you can carry it in your pocket while you are outside and use it to augment your experience of everything which is around you. Less of a virtual world to loose yourself in, and more of a service sheet to help us explore meeting each other and with God. Although we are many, we are one body.

The page was set up for the monthly "Creative Worship" event which ran on the second Sunday every month in St Johns building. Since this is closed we have moved online, and you can access the resources whenever you like. We will gather together occasionally during the month and use the chat window to keep in touch. For notice about when this will happen please subscribe to the "Quartz at St Johns Dumfries" group on Facebook, or send an e-mail to be kept informed.



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