St Querans Well

Quartz at Youthbeatz 2015

We set up in the Health and Wellbeing section. Volunteers wore clothing to represent the timespan between St Queran establishing himself in the Dumfries area (somewhere between 700 and 800AD) and the present day.

Visitors were encouraged to "Walk the Labyrinth" and pick up a meditation card to remind them to sense the otherness which means that human being is about more than fire food and shelter.,

They could also participate in an organic weave and sense meaningfulness. They could both use the weaving to reflect upon how patterns can be seen if you take time to step back and view the apparent chaos of our lives and also to encourage themselves to look more closely at everything which grows around us.

We also provided Ink and Quills to write their names, or another short piece of text from an internet meme. The aim of this activity was to help capture fleeting thoughts from the virtual world and write them down. A simple activity! But taking time to write familiar things in an unfamiliar way can help us understand them more deeply and sense the value of their meaning (and of writing in general).

Hope IlluminationAn illumiations of the word peace used on the labyrinth meditation cardsThe reverse side of meditation cards used with our labyrinths


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