Word Fame Trading Game

Just for fun (and to involve the public more)

This should be a fun way to bring a market to life, and encourage the idea of Vikings trading – both in material possession and stories!

Each player will have a “legendary item” which it is their mission to obtain by trading. These items will look just like every other item in the village, but they are special because of the story attached to them.

Every player will start the game with at least one legendary item, and a small pouch of coins (5 coins). Players can trade items, gamble to win coins from each other – or win them in games of skill and other contests. At the end of the day players win if they are in possession of the article it was their mission to obtain. If they have extra items and lots of coins, this is a bonus.

Before the game the “Skald” will collect the stories of each item and work out which player is searching for which item. Items should be things like drinking horns, books, amulets which are not needed for people to do what they normally do in LH. A list of all items will be published before the start of the game, but if players let anyone know which item they are looking for they should expect the owner to ask for a hefty trade or coin price for it. All items are returned to their original owners at the end of the game, and the coins are handed back to the skald.

Examples of legendary items:

From Sagas
Skofnung was the sword of legendary Danish king Hrólf Kraki. "The best of all swords that have been carried in northern lands", it was renowned for supernatural sharpness and hardness, as well as for being imbued with the spirits of the king's 12 faithful berserker bodyguards. According to Eid of Ás in chapter 57 of the Laxdœla saga, the sword is not to be drawn in the presence of women, and that the sun must never shine on the sword's hilt.

Made up, based on historical events
Drinking horn of Cynon ap Clydno Used by the great hero when he feasted for a year in Dun Edyn before the battle of Cathreath. Handed down through the years by Aneirin along with the story of the Goddodin. Drinking from this horn, is like drinking the strength of the heroes of the old North and a sure help when facing overwhelming numbers in battle. (you might die, but at least you will look good dying).

Totally made up
The Quill of Orm .  This will not make you a good storyteller, but owning it will make you a famous storyteller! Once you are the possessor of this legendary item people will seek you out, and perhaps you can tell them a tale worthy of the Oathsworn.

If some feature of the item can be used in its story that might help. For example – a fork in the feather of Orms Quill.

Players are encouraged to enlist the help of members of the public, asking if they know where particular legendary items could be found.


Enter the Game and submit item details!

NB. The game will run during the Viking Market on the 16th of May at Dumfries Museum.


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