Sample Activitis

On arrival I set up a display, with authentically recreated props to set the scene. Using this as a base I can then involve the pupils in a range of interactive talks and activities. Each talk has it's own selection of props and objects which the pupils can handle, and there is time for them to think and ask their own questions. What follows is a sample selection of activities and talks you can choose from when you book a visit.

Set up before Pupils arrive

I can set up in a hall or their classroom. If you have booked the Cluaran boat it will need to stay outside! it is 6m long and takes about 6 able bodied people to take it on and off the trailer. If they are not available the pupils tend to ignore the trailer anyway, caught up in the excitement of seeing a viking boat and learning to row (on dry land).

Welcome and Introductions  

I introduce myself, or the crew, and set the scene for the day. I invite the pupils to become part of a story where they have a viking in their classroom and can learn to become Vikings for a day. Throughout the story I encourage them to use all of their senses and knowledge to work out what is real, and to learn how to survive in a viking world by learning how things work.

Hearth and Home

A general question and answer handling session   What did the inside of a house, or a campsite look like - what did they eat ...?


Choose from these interactive talks (setting the vikings in their geographical and historical context)

Rig the Walker

A story walk through Viking society, showing the three classes of Thrall (slave) Carl (free man) and Jarl (ruler) and the king! Pupils put on costumes at the front of the class to recreate each character in the story.


Walk through timeline. A story of Scotland starting with the Picts and then placing the invasions and settlement of Romans, Scots, Vikings and Normans in context.

Pupils volunteer to stand at the front (and dress up) to mark dates on the timeline. The whole class counts through the years.

Trade or raid ?

Sitting as if they were in a longship, the class sails round the viking world in their imagination. At each port they decide whether to raid or trade, collecting resources and suffering casualties on the way.

But while they off doing this - what is happening at home?

Meet someone from the past (more detail about someone who could have lived at the time)

Cathbad the Craftsman

This activity explores the materials available to Vikings, and how they were used to make everything they needed. Includes an opportunity to handle raw materials and finished objects as well as a explanation of how to make objects like shoes - or whichever item catches their interest

Somerled the Trader

A look at the world the Vikings knew. The things they bought and sold, and the different ways they used to pay for them. Includes an opportunity to examine trade goods, and a demonstration of how bartering silver jewelry led to the making of Coins.

And more ...

Each person I bring with me will be able to add their own particular area of research. I travel with Warriors, Foragers, Weavers, Blacksmiths, Refugees, Monks and Princes.

The exact choice varies with staff availability.

Some arts and crafts or a game to play I can provide a teachers resource pack in advance which contains a board for photocopying, rules and pieces to cut out. I will bring replica equivalents along on the day


If you have several classes, or a wide ablility range in a class, but can only afford a Faering visit - why not split them into groups?

One group can explore the Viking camp while the other tackles a craft or game led by the teacher. The groups can then swap over activites.

Hnafletafl (naf-il-tafl)

This game is similar to chess. The game is like a Viking battle where one side tries to get their king to freedom. I can provide paper boards and pieces for one class of pupils. The board is a little more complicated than the morris games, as is the strategy, but most p4 pupils will cope! It is about as hard to learn how to play as draughts is.

How To:

I have a selection of teachers resource sheets with details of crafts and activities tried and tested in the classroom.

These activities use easy to find materials to help the pupils recreate the technology of the past.

I can then help the pupils compare what they have made with replicas made using authentic materials and techniques


Braided cord

Make a bracelet using wool and a technique called slinger. This is an activity for 10 pupils at a time.

(I can supply tools and materials, if arranged in advance)

Writing in Runes

What did Viking writing look like? Can you send secret messages to each other? Or make a memorial so that everyone remembers someone you loved?

This activity uses pens and paper or air drying clay.

Also available

Shield making, (clay) Bead Making, Coin or bracelet stamping (make your own treasure hoard!)

[I can help you source materials at cost, and if you have a small class may be able to provide them at no extra charge.]


I can give the pupils the experience of sitting down round their (imaginary) fire and listening to a story.


Pupils sit on the floor in the shape of a Viking boat, and we sail round the Viking world, raiding a trading through an interactive story.


Weapons displays, Shield wall training, Whole class trading and settler to seaking games and special requests!

If you are able to hire a larger team I am able to run activities such as the summer wanderer trading game, where the whole class splits in to villages who then trade with each other round the viking world. Some fill their storehouses and become wealthy, others manage not so well ... but members of my crew are able to help them recover and learn how to navigate and barter.

If they need a bit of exercise I can take them out and train them to form a shield wall and work together as a team. This doesn't require any props other than their hands, but it is a great way to teach them how to use any shields that they have made.

If the pupils (or you) have any questions they would like answered about life at the time, please let me know and I can research a special activity for your school.



Contact me to book a visit!


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