As part of our way to recover from the COVID years, we have set up a Community Interest Company. 

 This company exists to help give people access to their Heritage. Any surplus generated, after covering overheads including paying people a living wage for their work, will be used to broaden expectations and overcome obstacles faced by people in drawing on the past to create the commonweal.

 In 2022 there will be three main projects 

Cluaran -

Living, Breathing, Heritage. Opportunities for immersive expereinces, hands on learning, and stories that tell us where we have come from. Learning about the past, to understand our present better, and dream up possible futures for ourselves and the society we live in. Schools Visits, Activities in Museums, and a camp where you can be tranported to another time for the weekend

Quartz -

A partnership with St John's church in Dumfries. This partnership is about helping people learn the skills of #SensingSpirituality. These are the senses we use to expore the reality of all the things which make humans more than just flesh and bones. Our intangible Heritage!

Wordsmithcrafts Studio -

Using the Wordsmithcrafts workshop to give people the opportunity to try heritage crafts. Also taking craft workshops to where people are, who might not otherwise have the opportunity to try them. This will continue to give people the opportunity to be inspired by their heritage, try out a hobby or perhaps test out a new career. For examples of the sorts of things this could include visit the Resources page

Why Wordsmith Crafts?

The name Wordsmithcrafts was initially chosen by Simon Lidwell when he started an artistic experiment fusing wordsmithing (or applied philosophy - hammering thoughts into reality and stories) and crafting (transforming your environment creatively). This involved developing lots of short and longer term projects. Cluaran was one of these projects, as is Quartz. The time has now come to "change tack to stay on course". Wordsmith Crafts C.I.C. will form a structure where the mixture of voluntary and professional activity can be supported without burning people out.

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