Welcome to Wordsmithcrafts

Operating from a studio in Dumfries, "Wordsmithcrafts" has been the ship which has carried many activities over the last few years. Lots of people have come together to make this happen, and all have contributed something unique to the mix. This website is an introduction to those stories, and an invitation to get involved.


Simon Lidwell, Artist.

Why Wordsmithcrafts?

The name Wordsmithcrafts was chosen because the project is a fusion of wordsmithing (or applied philosophy - hammering thoughts into shape) and crafting (transforming your environment creatively).

The central project has been to make art using time. Whether it's learning the basic techniques needed to live a thousand years ago, or applying these techniques using modern materials - or using the experience of current craft practice to understand what life for our ancestors could have been like. A theme of Sensing Spirituality runs through the whole of it.

As well as just making mead and feasting for the fun of it.

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