Good Friday

This page is a record of things I've been working on for a Good Friday Service at St Johns

Meditation on the Cross

This flash movie shows a selection of the different styles of cross which have been used by the church since about the year 600AD. The cross isn't the only symbol thats been used as a symbol of the faith, but it can be a powerful expression of faith. The idea of the animation is that you can think about what the cross means to you while you watch it change. When it was used in the sermon it accompanied a talk on three different types of wilderness experience. If you are watching the animation at home perhaps you could try designing your own cross as an expression of what you believe. Please remember though that while any cross may be a symbol of great significance to you, it might not communicate effectively until you explain it's meaning to someone else.

Click on the three stumpy bits of Broom in the bottom left to navigate to a static image of moorland, Forest or the city wildernesses.

This link will take you to a slideshow of some of the images considered using. I hope to soon upload another flash thingy with pictures from the prayer stations we set up.

Weblinked resources for the city prayer station are:



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