Cyber Pilgrimage Two

An updated account of my pilgrimage through the internet.

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Intimacy with God

This time I had a theme to my exploration. I needed to look for resources to help me plan a space for medititve prayer.

Reckoning that St. Ignatius and the Jesuits might be of help I had a look around for them. They have published this guide to prayer intended to help you grow in intimacy with God throughout the week

My project and plan (old signature files that were an means of self expression on the early university based internet) was to slow myself down until I lived in the present moment, because it is in the present that we can meet with God. Reading the texts of medieval (and modern) mystics helped me in this goal. I have found this site which draws on many of the same sources to develop a guide to practicing the centering prayer. If you would like to rediscover the value in the contemplative tradition, I recommend you explorethe whole of this site


A landmark in my journey towards God is my discovery of Labyrinths. As usual I was introduced to these by a friend, rather than finding them for myself, and so now I am passing on the favour. labyrinths "do" something. It is, of course, possible to entirely miss what they do, but if you are willing you will find them very helpful in grounding yourself. The following selection of sites gives an overview of the design, location and uses of labyrinths.

This lady has made it her mission to introduce people to the benefits of Labyrinths. Her site is stocked with information, references to books and articles for further study. She also has a page on Christian uses for labyrinths.

This is another detailed and extensive site with links to locations and an accurate updated guide of labyrinths to visit

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