Kirkcudbright Artists Trail 2016

Quartz has made activities within St Johns possible. These are called "Interweaves". One such Interweave explored the topic of prayer, and the many ways in which this can take place.


Other events also take place under the banner of Quartz. These events take place outside the St Johns building though. They are called "Outerweaves" and are a means by which people involved with Quartz can learn to discover "The face of God in friend and stranger". We go out expecting to find God at work, and expecting to learn. We also take activities which we find useful to help understand spirituality in general, and use these as a means to help facilitate conversation.

One such Outerweave took place in Kirkcudbright at the artists trail.

As well as offering caligraphy and a labyrinth, we also gave people the opportunity to weave messages of thankfulness into a banner. This banner, along with a mobile which people could add to on the day, was then used as part of the harvest festival celebrations in St Johns

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