Pandemic Resources

These resources were made available as a first response to Lockdown when it seemed like sheltering from a blizzard. Hunkering down and waiting for it to blow over.Thy were adapted as the ongoing situation seemed to become more like a mini ice age.

I'm going to keep them update, just in case things get worse again this winter, and because I think crafts are a great way to get together with friends and do something that helps build community with some crafting, and game playing - low tech!

 Eventually, I'll need to work out a way to make this sustainable in the long term, but until then please enjoy this free gift!

Craft activities

A simple introduction to weaving (with easy to find things)

Simple Weaving

Making Bobbles (mix the same ingredients as you did for the weaving)

Pom Poms

Messing about with Boats

Write in Viking Era Runes (from Ruthwell)

How To Write in Runes!


Make and play a Viking board game

Instructions and ideas for making and playing a Viking era boardgames. It could be as simple as drawing on a piece of paper, or you could carve some wood and cast pewter pieces. this is probably what the "Great Army" did when they weren't stomping around what is now the North of England.

Make a Viking Board Game

Viking knit - Trichinopoly How To guide

How about learning a new skill? It gets called Viking knitting and you can learn to do it with nine inch nails, allen keys or a Biro pen. The only materials you need are some scraps of wire, like electrical offcuts, the wire cage on your wine bottle. You could even use string or scoobies.

Wordsmithcrafts Trichinopoly How to

Sacred Space

Need some space? Ask your flatmates or family to give you some room. Put on some headphones, Take some time out for this daily meditation SACRED SPACE


Last word

Support the self employed creative industries! During the summer events season many of them depend on events for cash income. it looks like most of these will be canceled. - Find them on patreon, YouTube and all the other places they are providing Online content!

All the things on this page provided by me are free to use and share, as long as you don't start selling them! They have been provided for you as a free gift by those living out their Faith.

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