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The illumination of the name Kim

If you would like to give someone a personalised gift that can be used online, as a desktop background or even printed and used to customise their phone this is the page for you!


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Example Image      

Custom illumination from a stock drawing, love



Love Version 2


Love Version 1

These three images give a glimpse of the process I go through to create an Illumination.

Here are a few more of the names I have been commisioned to design for people.

they make a very personal gift.

The name Becca Illuminated The name Crystal Illuminated An example of a name worked at from scratch
An example of a one off name illumination The name Erika Illuminated The name Katie Illuminated The name Lucy Illuminated

Print on Candle



Photo of an acrilyic painting on canvas The Illuminations I do are not just Canvas prints!



Passion on Canvas

I offer a range of types of illumination. The price you will pay depends on the complexity of the design, the amount of time spent illuminating it and any other associated materials and delivery costs.

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