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Contact Us

To get in touch with me you can phone, e-mail or write. I don't have any premises to trade from, but I do have a complete living history encampment (including forge) and a van to transport it in.

Employ me and soon I'll have a boat to transport it in too!


Simon Lidwell
Wordsmith Crafts

Little Mochrum, Castle Douglas, DG7 3PD

07949 292 335



I will consider each opportunity on its own merits, so if you have an interesting idea please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you and it won't cost you anything. If I can't help I might know someone who can.

I value the role voluntary action plays in the community and therefore make sure that a proportion of my time is spent working for the benefit of those outside my family without concern for financial reward.

As a guide to what it is reasonable to pay an artist for their services, however, these figures may help.


half day £80 (unless a full days equipment is required)

first day £180

weekend £250 (depending on type of accommodation available)

per hour £11 (longer periods)



(please contact me for an exact quote, as fuel prices are changing frequently at the moment)

first 30 miles included in fee

30 - 100 miles 40p per mile

each mile over 100 miles 20p per mile